ACER UM08A31 Black Replacement Battery
ACER UM08A31 Black Replacement Battery
ACER UM08A31 Black Replacement Battery 1
ACER UM08A31 Black Replacement Battery 2
ACER UM08A31 Black Replacement Battery 3
ACER UM08A31 Black Replacement Battery 4

ACER UM08A31 Black Replacement Battery

$39.98 Reg. Price $69.98   You Save $30.00
Type: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Voltage: 10.8V (11.1V OK)
Capacity: 5200mAh
Cell: 6-Cell (Premium)
Warranty: ONE Year


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Introducing our Brand New ACER UM08A31 Black Replacement Battery, engineered with premium-quality battery cells to deliver superior performance, reliability, and an extended lifespan. Prior to shipping, this battery undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its quality, and it is backed by a comprehensive one-year warranty, along with a 30-day satisfaction money-back guarantee to cover any defects in material or workmanship.

In the event of a defective or incompatible item, we are committed to making your return process hassle-free by covering the return shipping costs. This battery is equipped with a cutting-edge protection circuit board and is certified by CE and RoHS, assuring both safety and stability for your device.

Established as a responsible US-based company since 2008, we take pride in our dedicated and friendly customer support team, readily available to assist you at any time. Thank you for choosing us for your battery needs!

This ACER UM08A31 Black Replacement Battery is a brand-new OEM-equivalent rechargeable unit, assuring optimal performance akin to genuine parts. It has not been previously used or refurbished, ensuring reliability and compatibility with your laptops. Rigorously tested, this battery meets or surpasses the original manufacturer's specifications, offering a guaranteed seamless fit and performance.

We proudly offer a comprehensive assurance for our product. The ACER UM08A31 Black Replacement Battery, renowned for its superior quality, is backed by a one-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This warranty covers any potential defects in material or workmanship, ensuring confidence and peace of mind for our customers.

This brand new ACER UM08A31 Black Replacement Battery features latest technology on all components and parts. Please see the detail features below.

  • Designed with highest standard for durability and reliability.
  • Power by latest lithium technology with no memory effect.
  • Built with brand new highest quality A Grade cells.
  • Manufactured with state of the art printed circuit board.
  • Produced by eco-friendly materials without lead or mercury.
  • Every product pass through strict safety testing.
  • Certified by CE and RoHS industry quality standard.

How to Select
  • Please check your laptop model and/or original battery's part number. Please also compare the shapes, physical appearance, position and orientation of the connector, and latch position of your original battery with our product images to ensure compatibility.
  • To find laptop model for Windows: Go to Settings --> System --> About, and it will show your laptop model.
  • To find battery's part number: Please look at part number on the label of your original battery.
  • Type: Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer are standard material for laptop batteries. They have a good power-to-weight ratio and has no memory effect like some other battery materials.
  • Voltage: The Voltage must be within 10% of your original Laptop Battery Voltage.
    i.e. 11.1V is ok for your original 10.8V Battery; 14.4V is ok for your original 14.8V Battery
  • Capacity: Laptop batteries will typically list their capacities in milliamp hours (mAh) or Wattage (Wh). A higher mAh or Wh rating means the battery will take longer to drain, giving your laptop a longer runtime per charge.
    i.e. 5200mAh can replace your original 4400mAh Laptop Battery
  • Cell: Extended batteries (i.e. 9 cell) are usually has extra run time of laptop in between charges, usually bigger in size and weigh more than a standard laptop battery (i.e. 6 cell).

Return and Service
We are responsible and professional online merchant for many years. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer support staffs are here to help you anytime. Excellent service and your 100% satisfaction is always our promise. Online ordering at our store is safe and secure. We are also dedicated to providing on time and fast shipping. Return the product is easy, just email us first and we will send the return instruction to you.

Care Tips
  • Charge new battery overnight before use.
  • Fully charge/discharge 3 cycles before achieving maximum capacity.
  • Ensure best performance by optimizing power management features.
  • Do not expose the battery to moisture or rain.
  • Keep battery away from fire or other sources of extreme heat.
  • Stored in a cool, dry, clean place if the battery will not be in use.